FIS Ski Jumping Four Hills Tournament - Innsbruck (AUT)

FIS Ski Jumping Four Hills Tournament – Innsbruck (AUT)

On the 4th of January, men ski jumpers will compete in the 3rd event in the Four Hills Tournament and 10th event of the season in Innsbruck, at Bergiselschanze or “Bergisel” ski jumping hill.

Here we are, at the 3rd event of the 67th Four Hills Tournament, with current leader Ryoyu Kobayashi eyeing his 3rd consecutive win, today in Innsbruck. If he wins both of the next 2 events, he would join the elite few who won all at the Four Hills Tournament events, but more on him later.

The last event for ski jumpers took place in neighbouring Germany, more specifically at Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Große Olympiaschanze ski jumping hill). There we saw Kobayashi yet again winning, which is now his 6th win of the season and an 8th podium finish. He won with 266.6 points, 1.9 points in front of Markus Eisenbichler who also finished 2nd in Oberstdorf. At third place, we saw Dawid Kubacki, who achieved his 1st podium finish this season and 4th in his career. As of now, Kobayashi is leading the Four Hills tournament standings with 548.9 points, closely followed by Markus Eisenbichler (546.6) and Dawid Kubacki at the third place (526 points). With only a few points separating the top 2 competitors, nothing is yet decided on who will win the tournament, however, one thing is for sure, the upcoming event is of huge importance for both Kobayashi as well as Eisenbichler.

As mentioned, the skiers will compete in Innsbruck, more specifically at Bergiselschanze ski jumping hill. The hill is located in Bergisel, Austria and is one of the most important venues in the World Cup event, as it regularly hosts the Four Hills Tournament. In addition, the hill hosted the Olympic games on 2 occasions (1964 and 1976) as well as World Championships in 1933 and 1985. The hill size is at 130, with its K point at 120m. The current record holder is Michael Hayböck who jumped 138m in 2015.

Going into the next event, the margin between Kobayashi and Eisenbichler is only 2.3 points, which means a simple mistake of any of the 2 athletes could cost them a win in the final standings. Kobayashi is currently the favourite to win the Four Hills Tournament (odds of 1.20) which is not surprising as he has been a dominant force this season, winning 6 out of 9 events and finishing on the podium in 8/9. In the Overall standings in the World Cup, he is well above 2nd placed Piotr Zyla (247 points margin) and even more so in front of last year champion Kamil Stoch (319 points).

In fact, it’s not only Kobayashi who is performing well, but we can say the same for the whole Japanese team. The older Kobayashi brother finished 5th in the last event, 17.2 points behind Ryoyu, while Ito Daiki finished 12th and Yukiya Sato 17th. Germany also performed well with Eisenbichler at 2nd place, Stephan Leyhe 7th, David Seigel 17th and Karl Geiger 19th. Sadly for Richard Freitag, he finished 7th after the first jump but underperformed in the 2nd jump which saw him finishing 24th.

With 2 wins in the Four Hills Tournament, Ryoyu Kobayashi is looking to make it triple today. He can also become the 11th jumper as well as the 3rd Japanese jumper to win the first 3 events in a single Four Hills Tournament. As mentioned in the previous review, 9 out of 10 ski jumpers who won the first 3 Four Hills Tournament went on to win the overall standings. In addition in the last 19 years only once did it happen that the leader after the Innsbruck event failed to win the Golden Eagle. If he manages to win here, it would mark the 6th time Japan won in Innsbruck, while they won 5 times in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and 3 times in Oberstdorf. The last Japanese athlete won in Innsbruck was Kasai in 1999.

As it seems Markus Eisenbichler is the only athlete who can compete against Ryoyu Kobayashi in the Four Hills Tournament and the only one who is capable of snatching the win from the Japanese ski jumper. He finished 2nd in Oberstdorf and Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and with that, he could become the 3rd ski jumper to finish 2nd in all of the first 3 events of Four Hills Tournament since Janne Ahonen in 1998/1999 and Kiri Raska in 1970/71. Despite his good results in the last 2 events, Markus Eisenbichler has not yet won an individual event in his career. As of now, Germany team has won 11 times in Innsbruck, while they won 21 times in Oberstdorf and 13 times in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Market Prediction Pinnacle Odds Bet 365 Odds Stake Won / Lost
H2H (Forfang v Huber) Daniel Huber 2.11 2.10  1 Unit Won
H2H (Eisenbichler v Stjernen) Markus Eisenbichler 1.714 1.66 1 Unit Lost
H2H (Johansson v Zajc) Robert Johansson 1.571 / 1 Unit Lost