FIS Ski Jumping World Cup - Engelberg 2018

FIS Ski Jumping World Cup – Engelberg 2018

After a long break from ski jumping events (2nd December-15th December), the athletes are travelling to Switzerland to compete in the 6th event of the season. The most recent event which should take place in Germany, more specifically at Titisee-Neustadt was cancelled due to warm weather and lack of snow, the event was rescheduled to 1st February in Oberstdorf when we can safely say there will be plenty of snow. With the event in Germany being cancelled, the most recent event took place in Russia, where we saw 2 competitions on the same jumping hill (Tramplin Stork). In the first event on 1st December, it was Johann Andre Forfang who won, only 0.2 points in front of Zyla Piotr and 2.4 points in front of the current leader Ryoyu Kobayashi. The second event saw the same 3 athletes on the podium, however that time it was Kobayashi who won, with Forfang 2nd and Zyla 3rd. Kamil Stoch, who has not been himself this season finished the first event at 7th place (244.2 points) and 4th in the second event (257.8 points), which was 1.1 points short of reaching the podium.

Looking at the upcoming event in Engelberg, the athletes will compete on Gross-Titlis-Schanze( HS 137, K-125). The jumping hill is named after the local mountain Titlis, which has the highest summit of the range north of the Susten Pass (3238m/10623 ft). The record at the jumping hill is currently at 144m, held by Domen Prevc. Looking at last years event at this venue, Anders Fannemel won the first event, followed by Richard Freitag and Kamil Stoch at the 3rd place. In the second event (day 2), Richard Freitag won, followed by Kamil Stoch at 2nd and Stefan Kraft at 3rd place.

Ryoyu Kobayashi has achieved a podium finish in all five individual large hill events this season. He has also won 3 events up until now; both events in Ruka and the second event in Nizhny Tagil. If he manages to finish on the podium again, he will become the first ski jumper to finish on the podium in the first 6 individual World Cup events, since Morgenstern (who won 8). With exceptional performances thus far, he can become the first non-European ski jumper to win the overall title, however, the season is still young and anything can happen, but there is no dying he is closer to achieving it with each event. Up until now the best result in the overall standings from a non-European skier was set by Noriaki Kasai, who finished 3rd in 1998/1999 season.

With 31 individual World Cup wins, Kamil Stoch has 6th most wins among men, only 2 short of reaching Weßflog (33) at 5th place. Looking at the 2018 year as a whole (including last season), Stoch has 8 individual wins which is the most among men. He is however still behind Peter Prevc who has won 12 individual events in 2016. Looking at how Stoch performed in Switzerland, he has only won once in Engelberg on 22nd December 2013. Last year he finished 3rd at this venue on the first day and 2nd in the 2nd day. Comparing this season to Stoch last season, he had only 2 podium finishes until 16th of December when the athletes competed at Engleberg, he, however, went on to win all of the Four Hills Tournament events and eventually win the overall title. Much like last year, Stoch has only 2 podium finishes this season; 2nd place in Ruka and 3rd place in the 2nd event in Ruka. If he does not reach the podium today, it will be the first time that happened to him since January-February.

With only 1 individual win in his career, Piotr Zyla has finished on the podium in 3 events this season; 3rd place in Ruka, 2nd place in Nizhny Tagil 1st event and 3rd place in Nizhny Tagil 2nd event. With 3 podium finishes, he has a total of 6 podium finishes in his career. This is a huge improvement, as he has achieved podium only in 2013 and 2017. Last year at this venue, he finished 10th in the first event and 7th in the second event.

Market Prediction Pinnacle Odds Bet 365 Odds Stake Won / Lost
Outright Kamil Stoch 9.00 8.00  1 Unit Lost
Podium Finish Kamil Stoch / 2.50  1 Unit Lost
Top 6 finish Kamil Stoch / 1.44  2 Units Lost
H2H (Stefan Kraft v Johansson) Stefan Kraft 1.735 1.72 1 Unit Lost
H2H (Kamil Stoch v Zyla) Kamil Stoch 1.540 1.53 1 Unit Lost