FIS Ski Jumping World Cup - Nizhny Tagil 2018 - Event 2 Update

FIS Ski Jumping World Cup – Nizhny Tagil 2018 – Event 2 Update

The 5th event of the season and 2nd event at Tramplin Stork, Nizhny Tagil will take place today, on 2nd of December.

In the previous event, that took place on 1st of December, It was Johann Andre Forfang who celebrated his 1st win of the season with 264.4 points. Close behind, we saw Piotr Zyla (264.2 points) and a third place, the current leader Ryoyu Kobayashi with 262 points. These three ski jumpers were far ahead of their competition, as 4th placed Stephan Leyhe finished with 252.9 points. Our favourite, Kamil Stoch is still struggling this season, and from we have seen from him thus far, he is not what he was in the last season. With a 7th place and only 244.2 points, he is currently 2nd in the overall standings, 94 points behind Ryoyu Kobayashi.

Because this is the 2nd event at the same venue, we won’t about the hill again, and the same goes for our description of athletes who compete, as we have already covered them in our previous preview. So let’s jump right into our predictions.

Kamil Stoch, Kamil Stoch and again Kamil Stoch. We have expected him to win here yesterday, but he once again failed to do so. Now is that a reason for concern? I don’t feel like it is. Kamil Stoch is a world-class ski jumper and I don’t need to explain why that is. Currently, he is having a bad run, which in his criteria means he did not win yet and is “only” second on the overall leaderboards. Now, why would we back up him again? It’s simple, he will start winning sooner or later and with his performances recently the odds on him to win only go up. At the moment, Pinnacle is offering odds of 8.00 for Kamil Stoch to win. We will gladly take those odds and hope the champion finally wakes up from him win-less slumber.

Market – Event 2 Prediction Pinnacle Odds Bet 365 Odds Stake Won / Lost
Outright Kamil Stoch 8.00 7.00  1 Unit Lost
Podium Finish Kamil Stoch / 2.75 2 Units Lost
Top 6 finish Kamil Stoch / 1.57 2 Units Won