FIS Ski Jumping World Cup - Val di Fiemme (ITA) Event 2 Update

FIS Ski Jumping World Cup – Val di Fiemme (ITA) Event 2 Update

Ryoyu Kobayashi remains the leading alpine ski jumping athlete as men prepare for the second event in Val di Fiemme, which will take place on 13th of January at 17:00 (5:00 pm). Keep in mind, we will not be adding our predictions to this preview, as the qualification round takes place at 15:45, which means, we will wait till the end of the qualifications to see if bookmakers offer odds on the main event.

The upcoming event will take place in Val di Fiemme, on Trampolino Giuseppe Dal Ben hill, which will be the same venue as the most recent event on 12th of January. The upcoming event will mark the 13th event of the season and the 2nd time athletes compete in Italy. Looking at the last event, it was Ryoyu Kobayashi who won his 6th consecutive ski jumping event this season and 9th overall. After his impressive Grand Slam in the Four Hills tournament, Kobayashi continues with his spectacular performance and has become one of the few athletes in history to win 6 consecutive events. If he can repeat his success on Trampolino Giuseppe Dal Ben, he would become the first athlete in history to win 7 times in a row, and to be fair I would not be surprised if he manages to do so.

After his win in Predazzo, Kobayashi remained humble and told he was honoured his name is mentioned alongside Ahonen, Hautamaeki, Morgenstern and Schlierenzauer, who all achieved 6 consecutive wins in their career. He stated he does not think much about the fact he can write history and is rather focused on his jumps. Ryoyu should also be careful not to get caught by Stoch who jokingly said he will lock Ryoyu in one of the containers just so he could have a chance to win. Understandably Stoch, as well as other athletes, are desperate to catch up to Ryoyu who has been out of reach with his performances. In the first event at Val di Fiemme, Dawid Kubacki finished 2nd, while Kamil Stoch finished 3rd. This was the 3rd podium for Kubacki and 3rd for Kamil Stoch, who was last seen standing on the podium in Engelberg on 16th of December, where he finished 3rd.

Market Prediction Pinnacle Odds Bet 365 Odds Stake Won / Lost
Top 6 finish Marcus Eisenbichler / 1.50 1 Unit Won