Men's Parallel Giant Slalom - Alta Badia (ITA)

Men’s Parallel Giant Slalom – Alta Badia (ITA)

With the first event in Alda Badia behind us, the men skiers will compete in the first Parallel Giant Slalom event of the season. The race will take place on 17th of December in Alta Badia, only a day after the Giant Slalom event. In the Giant Slalom Event, it was once again Marcel Hirscher who celebrated the win, with a phenomenal performance leaving all the other skiers powerless. He finished the race a whooping 2.53s in front of 2nd placed Fanara and 2.69s in front of PInturault who finished the race at 3rd place. After the first run, Hirscher was already 0.94s in front of Matts Olsson who ended the race at 6th place. Marco Odermatt was 3rd after the first run, but attacked the second run too hard, which resulted in him not being able to finish it. The second run from Hirscher was, however, only 2nd fastest, with Luca de Alipradini skiing 0.24s faster than Hirscher, but still only finished 28th. Despite only finishing 28th, he had a run of his life, surprising everyone. The race ended in a spectacular result from Hirscher and a strong team showing from France, who had 2 skiers on the podium.

The upcoming race will take place at Gran Risa parallel course in Alta Badia, which will be a huge test for Hirscher, who has not been performing as good as he would want in Parallel Slalom. Last year, we saw Matts Olsson finishing first in Parallel Slalom, followed by Henrik Kristoffersen and Hirscher at 3rd place. The podium finish is still a good result, but for a skier like Hirscher who dominates Giant Slalom events, the 3rd place has a bitter taste to it. Looking further back, Hirscher finished 18th here in 2016 and 30th in 2015. The Parallel Giant Slalom will be held for the 4th time as a part of the World Cup, with all the races being staged in Alta Badia.

Kjetil Jansrud is the only skier who claimed multiple podium finishes in this event. In 2015, he finished 1st, in 2016 he was 3rd and in 2017 Jansrud finished only 15th. As of now, Jansrud has 50 podium finishes in all disciplines in the World Cup, which means that with a podium finish here, he would become one of the 3 Norwegian men that have 50 or more podium finishes; Aksel Lund Svindal, Lketil Andre Aamodt and Lasse Kjus.

Matts Olsson already has a win in the Parallel Giant Slalom (2017). With a win today, he would become the first man to win it twice and in addition to becoming the first skier to do so twice in a row. The win in the last seasons Parallel Giant Slalom was also his 1st wi of his career. In addition, he has 4 podium finishes (1PG and 3 in Giant Slalom). Looking at this season, Olsson has finished 3rd in Val d’Isere behind Henrik Kristoffersen and Marcel Hirscher, which is his only podium finish this season.

Coming into this race, Marcel Hirscher has already won 60 World Cup races in all disciplines, with his most recent win coming from the Giant Slalom in Alda Badia, where he completely dominated his opponents. Despite his good performances in Slalom and Giant Slalom, Hirscher does not perform as well in Parallel Giant Slalom, as he has only finished in the top 3 once (2017), but had to settle for 18th and 30th place in 2016 and 2015.

Last year Henrik Kristoffersen finished 2nd in Parallel Giant Slalom, behind Matts Olsson. Alda Badia is a ski resort, where Kristoffersen has the most World Cup podium finishes in all disciplines without a victory (3 podium finishes). His 3 podium finishes came from the 2nd place in Giant Slalom (2015 and 2017) and as mentioned the 2nd place in Parallel Giant Slalom last season.

Market Prediction Pinnacle Odds Bet 365 Odds Stake Won / Lost
Outright Henrik Kristoffersen / 7.00  1 Unit Lost
Outright Kjetil Jansrud / 10.00  1 Unit Lost
Podium Finish Henrik Kristoffersen / 3.00 1 Unit Lost
Podium Finish Kjetil Jansrud / 4.00 1 Unit Lost