Men's Slalom - Saalbach-Hinterglemm (AUT)

Men’s Slalom – Saalbach-Hinterglemm (AUT)

After the first race in Saalbach-Hinterglemm, men skiers are getting ready for the Slalom event, which will take place on 19th of December. Looking back at the Giant Slalom race, where do we start? The clear favourite, Marcel Hirscher finished only 6th, 0.77s too slow, in fact, none of the favourites even finished on the podium. Instead, it was Zan Kranjec, who won the 1st race of his career and got his 2nd podium finish, after achieving a 3rd place in Alta Badia in 2017. In the second place, we saw Loic Millard (+0.19), who finished last season 9th in Giant Slalom standings and now has his first podium finish in his career. At third place, it was Mathieu Faivre (+0.50), who got his 6th Giant Slalom podium finish in Saalbach-Hinterglemm. The top 2 skiers proved to be a class above all others, as 3rd place and up was already half a second behind Kranjec. In addition, only the top 8 places were within 1s behind Kranjec, whereas 9th placed de Aliprandini was already 1.48s too slow.

Now that we know what happened in the last event in Saalbach-Hinterglemm, we need to quickly peek at the last Slalom race which took place on 18th of November 2018 in Levi. The second Slalom race was planned to happen on 9th of December in Val d’Isere, but due to heavy snowfall, it was rescheduled to Saalbach-Hinterglemm, where the skiers will compete today. In Levi, the top 3 skiers were; Marcel Hirscher 1st, with Henrik Kristoffersen only 0.09s behind him and Andre Myhrer at the 3rd place, a whole 1.41s behind Hirscher. With only 1 Slalom race behind us, we will be looking at the 2nd race Slalom of the season and 13th event in all disciplines.

With his disappointing performance in the Giant Slalom event, Marcel Hirscher is still at 62 World Cup wins, which puts him at the 3rd all-time standings. He is currently only behind Lindsey Vonn (82) and Ingemar Stenmark (86). In his career, Marcel Hirscher has won 28 slalom races, which also puts him in the 3rd spot in all-time standings, with only Alberto Tomba (35) and Ingemar Stenmark (40) with more Slalom wins in their careers. As for his recent performances in Slalom events, Hirscher has won last 8 out of 9 slalom races in World Cup and is not on a winning streak of 3 consecutive wins. The only time he has failed to win a Slalom race in the last 9 races, he has still finished on the podium, in that regard he has finished on the podium in the last 9/9 Slalom races. Despite his underwhelming performance in the Giant Slalom, we expect Hirscher to win this one, like he usually does, with Kristoffersen a fraction of a second behind him.

In Austria, Henrik Kristoffersen has won 4 out of the last 6 Slalom races. IN total, Kristoffersen has won 5 World Cup Slalom races in Austria, which makes him 4th most successful Slalom skier in Austria, with Ingemar Stenmark leading that list (9 wins in Austria). Looking at the last 10 Slalom races, Kristoffersen has finished on the podium in the last 10 races, which means he is only 2 podium finishes away from an all-time record of 12 consecutive podiums. In Austria, Kristoffersen has achieved a total of 7 podium finishes. We expect another good performance from Kristoffersen and with that, a podium finish does seem plausible, but we will not be betting on a podium finish for him today.

I could go on and talk about other athletes, but we have seen that Marcel Hirscher and Henrik Kristoffersen are on their own level when it comes to slalom. We might see an underdog surprising us all, but as always, that is not likely to happen. I expect Hirscher and Kristoffersen to battle it out for the 1st spot, with only a fraction of a second separating them, just like we saw time and time again.

Market Prediction Pinnacle Odds Bet 365 Odds Stake Won / Lost
Outright Marcel Hirscher 1.952 1.83 3 Units Won
Winning Margin 0 to and including 0.19 s / 4 1 Unit Lost