Men's Slalom - Schladming (AUT)

Men’s Slalom – Schladming (AUT)

With yet another surprise in the most recent Super-G race for men, the athletes will travel to Schladming where they will face off against each other in the 27th overall race and 8th slalom race of the season. The last race of the season took place at the famous Kitzbühel, where we watched men competing in a downhill, slalom and super-G events from 25th January – 27th January. The most recent event was the Super-G race, which was the first Super-G race of 2019 and the first one since Bormio (December 29th).

In the Super-G race in Kitzbühel, we saw Josef Ferstl winning the 2nd race of his career. He celebrated his 2nd Super-G win on Saturday, which is a spectacular result for him. The reason being is that 40 years ago, his father Sepp Ferstl won the downhill race in Kitzbühel. Josef Ferstl finished the race 0.08s in front of Johan Clarey and 0.10s in front of Dominik Paris, who was considered a favourite to win here after winning in Bormio.

With Josef Ferstl finishing 1st, the German team managed to win at that venue twice in a row, after Thomas Dressen won the last season at the Streif. Johan Clarey who has not yet won a race in his career has added the 5th podium finish after finishing 2nd in the super-g. This is now the best result in the super-g discipline for him after finishing 4th in Val Gardena. Dominik Paris grabbed his 6th podium in his career in Kitzbühel, which also marked the 3rd podium in super-g this season for him. With a 3rd place finish, he is now 3rd in the Super-G standings, 3 points behind Matthias Mayer and 6 points behind Vincent Kriechmayr.

After the 3 races in Kitzbühel, men are now travelling to Schladming for the last race on Austrian snow this season. When we talk about slalom races, it’s only normal to think to yourself Marcel Hirscher will once again sweep his competition under the rug and cross the finish line with a huge margin in front of other athletes, however, he has not won the last 2 slalom races. In Wengen, he finished 3rd, while he was 2nd in Kitzbühel, 0.29s behind Clement Noel. While 3rd and 2nd place are not bad results, it’s far from what we are used to seeing from Hirscher, who prior to Wengen won all but one slalom race. Looking back at the last season, Hirscher just like this season finished 2nd in Kitzbühel and then went on to win in Schladming and Kranjska Gora. While this is just something that has happened, Marcel Hirscher has finished on the podium in Schladming in the last 3 seasons, so in that regard, it’s safe to say he is expected to finish high today as well. Now let’s check the favourites as well as our predictions for the upcoming slalom event.

Marcel Hirscher has won 11 of his last 15 slalom races in the World Cup but failed to win both of the last 2, instead, it was Clement Noel who was celebrating in Wengen and Kitzbühel. If Hirscher fails to win today, it will mark the first time he failed to win 3 consecutive slalom events since November 2017, when he did not win in 4 consecutive races. With no slalom wins since January 13th, Marcel Hirscher is still ranked 3rd amongst men looking at slalom wins. He is trailing Alberto Tomba (35) and Ingemar Stenmark (40) with his 31 World Cup slalom wins. As for his results at Schladming, he has won here twice; in 2012 and 2018. With 2 wins he is 3rd among men with the most wins at Schladming, trailing Henrik Kristoffersen (3) and Benjamin Raich (4).

Despite only 2 wins in his career, Clement Noel is deservingly among the favourites to win today. It would be hard to argue he is not capable of winning in Schladming after winning both Wengen and Kitzbühel slalom races. In Wengen, he finished 0.08s in front of Manuel Feller and 0.10s in front of Marcel Hirscher, while he finished 0.29s in front of Marcel Hirscher and 0.36s in front of his teammate Alexis Pinturault in Kitzbühel. If Clement Noel wins today, he would become the first Frenchman to win 3 consecutive World Cup slalom racers since Jean-Noel Augert (1971) Alain Penz (1970) and Patrick Russel (1970). With the domination of Hirscher in slalom events, the last man to win 3 consecutive slalom events other than Hirscher was Henrik Kristoffersen in 2016. With a podium finish in all of the last 3 slalom events; Adelboden 2nd, Wengen 1st and Kitzbühel 1st he is among only a few Frenchman who managed to finish on the podium in 3 or more consecutive events.

Henrik Kristoffersen alongside Benjamin Raich are the only 2 men who won 3 or more times at Schladming. Henrik Kristoffersen won here in 2014,2016 and 2017. While he was beaten by Marcel Hirscher last season, Kristoffersen still finished at a respectable 2nd place. As of now, the 3 wins at Schladming are Kristoffersen personal record among all ski resorts. This season, Kristoffersen stood on the podium in slalom races 3 times, however, failed to finish among the top 3 in the last 2 slalom races. In both Wengen and Kitzbühel, he finished 4th. As of now, he has 15 slalom wins to his name and is still seeking his 1st slalom win this season, which would see him equalling Marc Giradelli (16) at fourth place all-time among men.

Market Prediction Pinnacle Odds Bet 365 Odds Stake Won / Lost
Outright Marcel Hirscher 2.179 2.25 1 Unit Won