Men's Slalom - Val d'Isere (FRA)

Men’s Slalom – Val d’Isere (FRA)

The second and last event in Val d’Isere this season is just around the corner, with men athletes getting ready for the 2nd slalom race of the season.

First, let’s look at how the most recent race in Val d’Isere went. On 8th of December the men skiers competed in the 2nd Giant Slalom event of the season, and the first time on French soil, or should I say snow. In the end, it was Marcel Hirscher who completely dominated his competition. The last years overall, slalom and giant slalom champion was a class above his opponents with a spectacular performance, which saw him finishing over a second in front of end placed Henrik Kristoffersen (+1.18) and 1.31s in front of Matts Olsson. With his 5th win in Val d’Isere, Hirscher is now holding a 5 win record at this venue in Giant Slalom. Last year we saw the best French skier Alex Pinturault winning here, but he failed to do so this year, in fact, he didn’t even finish on the podium, as he was 0.15s behind the 3rd placed Matts Olson.

The overall standings for Giant Slalom this year show Hirscher 1st with 180 points, followed by Henrik Kristoffersen with 130 and Stefan Luitz with 101 points at 3rd place. In the last race of Slalom discipline which took place in Levi on 18th of November, it was Marcel Hirscher who won his first race of the season with an overall time of 1:51.04. Close behind was no other than Henrik Kristoffersen who was just 0.09s behind the champion. At third place, we saw Andre Myhrer, the last years 3rd best Slalom skier,  over a second behind the top 2 skiers (+1.41).

Last year in Val d’Isere Slalom race, Marcel Hirscher celebrated his 2nd win of the season and 1st win in Slalom events. With the time of 1:41.94, he was 0.39s faster than Henrik Kristoffersen and 0.40s faster than Andre Myhrer, which is a similar result as we have seen in the opening slalom event this season.

Looking at the next Slalom race in Val d’Isere, we can expect the same duo (Hirscher and Kristoffersen) standing on the podium, as they are the dominant athletes when it comes to Slalom, however out of the 2 Hirscher is clearly in a better form and if he can perform half as good as in Giant Slalom, where he was a level above all others there is no doubt, Hirscher will win his 2nd Slalom race of the season. A win here would also be his 2nd consecutive Slalom win in Val d’Isere.

Market Prediction Pinnacle Odds Bet 365 Odds Stake Won / Lost
Outright Marcel Hirscher 1.833 1.833  2 Units PUSH
Winning Margin 0-0.19 / 3.50 2 Units PUSH