Men's Super G - Beaver Creek (USA)

Men’s Super G – Beaver Creek (USA)

The Super-G event in Beaver Creek should have happened on 30th of November, however, it was rescheduled to 1st of December due to heavy snow. As it seems now, the conditions are good enough for the 2nd Super-G of the season for men to finally take place.

First, let’s touch the yesterdays Downhill event in Beaver Creek. This was the 2nd downhill event of the season and the first event in the USA for men. In the end, it was last years champion Beat Feuz, who celebrated his first win of the season. Closely behind, we saw another Swiss skier, Caviezel who finished +0.07s slower. The 3rd place belonged to Aksel Lund Svindal who missed his 1st win of the season by +0.08s.

We expected Aksel Lund Svindal to win this one, but he was a fraction of a second too slow. Still, a podium finish is a great result for this Norwegian skier. On the other side, Beat Feuz performed better than we expected and achieved his 1st win of the season and 1st win in Beaver Creek. But enough about the downhill event, and let’s rather focus on the Super-G discipline.

On 25th of November 2018, the best Super-G skiers measured themselves against one another and it was Kjetil Jansrud, who came on top. This Norwegian Skier has 3 Super-G crystal globes in his career (2015, 2017, 2018) and has finished 2nd in 2014 and 2016. He is striving to win his 4th one this year which will make him the 4th athlete who won 3 Super-G crystal globes in a row. His win in the last race was far from a surprise, as he has proven time and time again he is one of the best athletes in this category. Vincent Kriechmayr was +0.14s slower and finished 2nd. It was still a good result from this Austrian skier, who finished 2nd in Super-G standings last year, 80 points behind Jansrud. At the 3rd place, we saw Mauro Caviezel, +0.21s behind Jansrud. This was a great start of the season for this Swiss skier, who has not yet won a race in his career and finished 15th in Super-G standings last year.  Our 2nd favorite to win, Aksel Lund Svindal finished 5th. He was +0.57s too slow to win the first Super-G event of the season and his 36 race of his career.

The next race, as mentioned will take place in Beaver Creek, on Birds of Prey ski course. This ski course is primarily used for downhill races, but it also hosts Super-G and Giant slalom races. Races here usually take place at the start of December. Last season, on 1st of December 2017, we saw Vincent Kriechmayr wining here. He was +0.23 faster than Kjetil Jansrud and +0.33 faster than Hannes Reichelt. This was his first of 2 wins in Super-G events last season.

After his 1st win in Super-G in Lake Louise, Kjetil Jansrud will chase his 2nd in Beaver Creek. The mentioned win in Lake Louise was Jansrud’s 12th World Cup win in Super-G, which means he is currently the 3rd best Super-G skier, only behind Aksel Lund Svindal (16) and Hermann Maier (24). If he manages to win here, he will be the first man to win back-to-back Super G events since.. well himself in 2016 (Val d’Isere and Val Gardena). Up until now, only 2 Norwegian men have won in Beaver Creek Super-G; Svindal and Solbakken. Even if he does not win here, but “only” finishes on the podium, this will be his 50th podium finish in all World Cup events. We expect a good finish from him today, I would not be surprised if he breaks his own record and wins here, however, I would be surprised if he does not finish at least on the podium.

The only man other than Kjetil Jansrud, who won multiple Super-G events last year, one of which came in Beaver Creek. Vincent Kriechmayr finished 2nd in the Super-G standings, 80 points behind Jansrud and is in the same 2nd spot this year, after finishing 2nd in Lake Louise. With his good performance in Lake Louise, we believe he is capable of finishing in a good spot today as well. Odds offered on Kriechmayr (4.50) to win are good enough for us to bet on, as he has proven before he is more than capable of winning at this ski resort.

With 16 World Cup Super-G wins in his career Aksel Lund Svindal is the 2nd most successful Super-G skier among men, only trailing Hermann Maier who has 24 wins. As mentioned, Svindal and Solbakken are the only 2 men who win a Super-G race in Beaver Creek. A win here would see him becoming the most successful Norwegian man in Beaver Creek in addition to joining Reichelt and Maier as one of the 3 men who won multiple times in Beaver Creek. As of now, he achieved a total of 13 World Cup podiums in Beaver Creek which is only 1 shy of reaching a record of the most podium finishes in a single ski resort. This record is currently held by Marcel Hirscher who has 14 podium finishes in Kranjska Gora, Adelboden and Val d’Isere.

Mauro Caviezel achieved his 1st podium finish in his career in Lake Louise Super-G event. Up until now, his best result in Super-G standings was 10th place in 2017. Last year, however, he finished 15th. He achieved a good result in the recent Super-G event, but we don’t expect him to do so again. The competition is tough, and he will need to perform exceptionally well to end on the podium.

Market Prediction Pinnacle Odds Bet 365 Odds Stake Won / Lost
Outright Kjetil Jansrud / 4.00 1 Unit Lost
Outright Vincent Kriechmayr / 4.50  1 Unit Lost