Women's Giant Slalom - Killington (USA)

Women’s Giant Slalom – Killington (USA)

With 2 races behind us, ladies will travel to the USA, more specifically to Killington where they will compete in Giant Slalom on 24th of November and Slalom race in 25th of November. As of now, Mikaela Shiffrin and Tessa Worley are sharing the 1st overall spot, with Tessa Worley winning the Giant Slalom race in Sölden and Mikaela Shiffrin finishing 1st in Levi (Slalom race).

Looking at the last race, we saw Shiffrin winning her 3rd reindeer and slalom race at Levi, which brought her total World Cup slalom wins number to 33, which is only 2 short of all-time leader Marlies Schild (35). With a win in Levi, she was awarded a reindeer named Mr. Gru, who will accompany Rudolph (2013) and Sven (2016). For those of you who have no idea what raindeers have to do with skiing, a winner in Levi is given a reindeer each year as a tradition. The event in Levi itself has had some issues with the wind in the morning and warm weather, but the organizers did a good job to prepare the track for the 2nd race of the season.

Regarding the track and event itself, Mikaela Shiffrin stated: “I was even surprised at how good the course felt with the warm conditions. The snow held up really well, and I was able to really push. I had a little bit of a scary moment on the top of the pitch, but I kept fighting and made it to the finish. That was fun. It’s the first race of the season, so there are some nerves, there’s some excitement. Nobody knows how fast they are. So it’s always a really nice challenge, and it’s a nice slope.”

Petra Vlhova ended in the 2nd spot, with over half a second behind Mikaela. Despite finishing 3rd in the first run, we saw Vlhova with an excellent 2nd run, which saw her finishing the race 2nd. Bernadette Schild had the fastest time in the 2nd run, which saw her finishing 3rd, despite having 12th best time from the 1st run. The leap of 9 positions for Schild was surprising and most likely one of the most memorable moments from Levi.

Killington Ski resort, where we will see the 2nd Giant Slalom and Slalom race of the season is located in NE part of the USA and is the largest ski resort in that part of the US. Its primary mountain is Killington Peak at (1289m/4229ft) and has the largest vertical drop in New England (930m/3050ft). The races will be held on the mountain’s Superstar Trail, which is well known for its spring skiing. Due to the huge amounts of snow Killington makes, the trail is often seen open even in May, June.

The trail itself has an excellent position, which allows spectators to see the racers coming down the hill into the finish line. Due to its location that can be done no matter where the spectator is standing, so it’s no surprise Killington has a huge amount of spectators each year. The organizers at Killington have been working hard to attract as many people as possible, and they are doing a good job, with more and more people showing up each year. This year, they even organized music groups to perform in Killington, which only adds to the attractiveness of the event, but enough about the venue, and let’s look at which athletes will perform here and who do we believe will win.

Last year we saw Viktoria Rebensburg finishing 1st, with Mikaela Shiffrin (+0.67) and Manuela Mölgg (+1.49) at a 2nd and 3rd spot. A year prior (2016) it was Tessy Worley who celebrated the win, with Nina Loseth and Sofia Goggia at the 2nd and 3rd spot.

This year Viktoria Rebensburg, Mikaela Shiffrin and Tessa Worley are considered favorites by bookmakers, all with odds of 4 to win the Giant Slalom race.

Tessa Worley won the first Giant Slalom race in Sölden on 27th October, which marked her 13th Giant Slalom win in the World Cup. With 13 Giant Slalom wins, Tessa is only 1 win short of reaching Anita Wachter, Viktoria Rebensburg, Tina Maze and Lise-Marie Morerod who all have 14 Giant Slalom wins in their careers. There are only 2 other athletes with more GS victories; Annemarie Moser-Pröll (16) and Vreni Schneider (20). As mentioned before. Tessa has won a GS race here in 2016, which is the only win at this venue for her.

Viktoria Rebensburg, one of the favorites to win this race, and rightfully so. With 14 World Cup Giant Slalom wins in her career she is ranked 3rd in all-time GS wins. Out of all the German athletes, Rebensburg is 2nd in the most race wins in a specific event, with Katja Seizinger being 1st (16 Downhill and 16 Super-G wins). Looking at how Viktoria Remebsburg performed in her last 10 GS races, we saw her in the top 4, 8 times. Last year’s Giant Slalom champion and with the 3rd spot in overall standings, she is without a doubt a favorite to win her 2nd race in Killington tomorrow. To be fair I would be shocked if she couldn’t reach at least the podium.

The last of 3 favorites in Killington is Mikaela Shiffrin. She has a total of 44 World Cup wins under her belt, which is 5th most among women. With the 4th paced Annemarie Moser-Pröll only 2 wins away, we can expect Mikaela to finish this season on their 4th place of all-time World Cup wins. Out of her 44 wins, 6 of them came from Giant Slalom races. With a total of 6 wins in her home country, there are only 2 other athletes with more World Cup race wins the United States; Schneider (8) and McKinney (7). At Killington, Shiffrin recorded 3 podiums out of 4 World Cup races held here. She won slalom races in 2016,2017 and a giant slalom race last year. In 2016 she finished 5th in giant slalom in Killington.

Federica Brignone has finished with a 5th place in last years Giant Slalom standings and 3rd place in Combined Standings. With 4 World Cup giant slalom, she is considered 4th most likely to win by bookmakers, and we believe that’s fair. In the season opener in Sölden Brignone finished 2nd, +0.35 behind Tessa Worley, and over half a second in front of Mikaela Shiffrin, who ended the match at the 3rd place +0.94 behind Worley. Currently, she is 3rd best Italian athlete among women in giant slalom event with 4 wins; Deborah Compagnoni (13) and Denise Karbon (6). Priced 7.00(6.00 Bet365) at Pinnacle to win.

Market Prediction Pinnacle Odds Bet 365 Odds Stake Won / Lost
Outright Victoria Rebensburg 4.17 4.00  2 Units Lost
Podium Finish Victoria Rebensburg / 1.66  2 Units Lost
Outright Federica Brignone 7.00 6.00  1 Unit Won
Podium Finish Mikaela Shiffrin / 1.66  2 Units Lost
H2H (Petra Vlhova v Frida Hansdotter) Petra Vlhova 1.719 1.61  2 Units Won