Women's Giant Slalom - Kornplatz (ITA)

Women’s Giant Slalom – Kornplatz (ITA)

The 19th event of 2018/19 alpine skiing season for women is just a day away. Tomorrow we will watch ladies compete in the Giant Slalom, which will mark the 5th giant slalom race this season.

Athletes are travelling to Kornplatz, Italy where they will compete after a week-long break, due to bad weather in St. Anton, which prevented them to compete in downhill as well as super-G races. With the last 2 events cancelled, the most recent race for women took place in Flachau on 8th of January, where they competed in a Slalom race, which was won by Petra Vlhova. She ended the race with an overall time of 1:52.85 which was 0.15s faster than Mikaela Shiffrin and a whole 1.17s faster than 3rd placed Katharina Liensberger. Petra Vlhova achieved her 3rd win of the season and the first win in Slalom this season. She also won the giant slalom race in Semmering on 28th December and the parallel slalom in Oslo on 1st of January. Despite only winning 3 events this season, she is comfortably sitting at the 2nd place in the overall standings, 446 points behind Mikaela Shiffrin and 284 in front of 3rd placed Wendy Holdener. Vlhova performance in Flachau was impressive, as she managed to overcome a 0.31s deficit in the 1st run with the fastest time in the 2nd run. With 5 slalom race wins in her career, she became the most successful female Slovakian skier, passing Veronika Velez-Zuzulova, who was present at the event to witness the historic win for Vlhova and her country. As for the 2nd placed Mikaela Shiffrin, this event was the first slalom event of the season she failed to win, thus ending her 4 slalom race winning streak. Nonetheless, she is still far in front of her competition in the overall standings as well as slalom standings (80 points in front of Petra Vlhova). Anna Swenn Larsson ended the race at the 3rd place which was her 3rd podium finish in her career, however, she was later disqualified after the officials discovered she (unknowingly) straddled a gate through a delay on the course. This meant Katharina Liensberger was moved to the 3rd place, which was the 1st podium finish of her career.

The last Giant Slalom event of the season took place in Semmering on 28th of December, where Petra Vlhova won her first race of the season. She ended the race with an overall time of 2:04.72, 0.45s in front of Viktoria Rebensburg and 0.60s faster than 3rd placed Tessa Worley. Mikaela Shiffrin finished the race at 5th place 0.66s behind Vlhova. Looking at how females performed at Kornplatz last season, we saw Viktoria Rebensburg winning the giant slalom race, Ragnhild Mowinckel finished 2nd, only 0.03s behind Viktoria, while Federica Brignone ended 3rd, 0.66s behind the leading skier.

Now let’s look at the favourites to win the upcoming event and our predictions.

Mikaela Shiffrin has won 9 races this season, which puts her at the top spot in the overall standings. If she wins one more, it would mean she would win 10 races in a single season for the third time. She did so in 2016/17 (11), and 2017/18 (12). There are 5 other women who managed to win at least 10 races in a single season; Vreni Schneider, Lindsey Vonn, Tina Maze, Anja Parson and Annemarie Moser-Proll. Up until now, Mikaela has won 52 World Cup races, which is 7th most all-time and 4th most among women. She is only 3 shy of reaching Hermann Maier and 4 short of reaching Vreni Schneider. Despite her 7 world cup giant slalom race wins in her career, she has not yet won a giant slalom event on Italian snow and she will have a great chance to do so on 15th of January.

Tessa Worley has finished on the podium in the last 2 giant slalom races. The 3rd place in Semmering and Courchevel were her 26th and 27th podium finishes in her career. This season she also managed to win a giant slalom race in Sölden, which was the first race of the season, however, she failed to repeat her success in the upcoming races. With 13 giant slalom wins in her career, she is only 1 shy of reaching the 4th all-time spot which is shared between Anita Wachter, Viktoria Rebensburg, Tina Maze and Lise-Marie Morerod who all won 14 times. Among French women, Worley has 3rd most World Cup wins, trailing Perrine Pelen (15) and Carole Merle (22).

Just like Tessa Worley, Viktoria Rebensburg also finished on the podium in the last 2 giant slalom races. She finished 2nd in both Semmering and Courchevel. With those 2 podiums, she now has 33 giant slalom podium finishes in her career. The last time she won an event was in Kornplatz last season (23rd January 2018). With 14 giant slalom wins in her career, another win here would mean she would become the 3rd most successful female skier in giant slalom discipline, but the competition is though and she will not have an easy task of doing that. We expect this giant slalom specialist to put up a good result tomorrow, however as said the competition is tough and a win here will not come easy.

Petra Vlhova has won the most recent giant slalom race in Semmering, which was her 1st giant slalom win in her career. She then proceeded to win the City event in Oslo as well as the slalom race in Flachau. This season Vlhova achieved 3 wins and 9 podium finishes, which not surprisingly puts her at the 2nd spot in the overall standings. Petra Vlhova was never among the best giant slalom skiers, as her best finish was an 11th overall spot in giant slalom discipline in 2017. Nonetheless, she is considered one of the favourites to win here and if she manages to do so, she would become the first woman to win 2 consecutive giant slalom races since Viktoria Rebensburg did in the opening 2 races last season (Sölden and Killington).

Market Prediction Pinnacle Odds Bet 365 Odds Stake Won / Lost
H2H (Shiffrin v Vlhova) Mikaela Shiffrin 1.51 1.57 1 Unit Won
H2H (Schild v Curtoni) Bernadette Schild 1.86 1.83 1 Unit Push
H2H (Rebensburg v Brignone) Viktoria Rebensburg 1.613 1.72 1 Unit Won